Visits wiht history

Lucena and Jaén, both very close to Priego, are part of the Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain and are thus on the Caminos de Sefarad (Sephardic Routes). These visits must be arranged in advance. Clients can either choose to visit the towns separately or see both in one day as the bus ride between Lucena and Jaén takes just over an hour. To be able to offer these tours we have a RASGO certificate, granted by the Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain.

In Jaén, the tour visits the Jewish quarter and its narrow streets, on whichJewish symbols can still be discerned on a numberof façades; and iconic places such as the Old Monastery of Santo Domingo that was once the headquarters of the Inquisition. The tour lasts about three hours.

The tour of Lucena lasts about three hours and, given the town’s large Jewish cemetery, centres of the topic of death within the Jewish culture. Despite not having a Jewish quarter as such, Lucena has left us a great legacy regarding Jewish culture thanks to the Talmudic schools it once had.  

“Two Stars of David are the only evidence of the existence of a populous community, like the fossilized impression of an exquisite leaf from a forest devastated by a cataclysm thousands of years ago.” (Antonio Muñoz Molina)